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The Guava Shack is located near the center of Okinawa Main Island, making it an ideal hub for tourism. The surrounding area is dotted with unique places and shops. How about exploring the charming neighborhood during your stay?

808 Poke Bowls Okinawa

This establishment specializes in Hawaii's soul food—poke bowls and acai bowls. They serve fresh poke made with locally sourced tuna from Okinawa, creating an atmosphere that captures the essence of Hawaii, making it a continuously popular and bustling spot. About 18 minutes drive from The Guava Shack.


Hawaiian Pancakes House Paanilani

A pancake specialty shop opens its doors at 7 AM. The pancakes, made with plenty of buttermilk, have a delightful chewy and fluffy texture. It's a lively spot with many customers even from the early hours of the morning. About 14 minutes drive from The Guava Shack.



A shop known for its crispy exterior, soft and chewy interior donuts, and freshly hand-roasted coffee every day. The deliciousness is so undeniable that it has a steady stream of repeat customers. The couple who runs the shop personally handcrafts everything in their home-cum-store, creating a space filled with a sense of style. About 25 minutes drive from The Guava Shack.


Mamma Lella

An Italian restaurant offering an entirely gluten-free menu. With an Italian chef at the helm, you'll experience authentic flavors, and the diverse clientele, including many foreigners, creates the illusion of truly being in Italy. About 10 minutes drive from The Guava Shack.


Kibogaoka Beach

A natural beach near The Guava Shack. With a vast expanse of undulating sandy shores, it's a perfect place to relax. The sea boasts high transparency, and if you decide to take a dip, you should be able to encounter fish easily. About 3 minutes drive from The Guava Shack.

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